Welcome to a new era in grooming.

Pure Steed is pioneering true innovation in equine grooming.

Thanks to the revolution in microbiome science, accessing two decades of scientific studies and clinical results, Pure Steed has developed a world-first 'Microbiome-Friendly' grooming range.

This bio-science has forever altered our understanding of the skin... and it’s very exciting.

We now know that skin health and the microbiome play a vital role in our horses' immune system where bacteria and skin cells are in constant conversation to reinforce and repair the skin-barrier and bolster the body's defence against infection and inflammation.

We’ve had to smash a few glass ceilings to get here.

The ability to improve horse care by manufacturing products that remained end-price-driven and cost-conscious has hampered grooming innovation.

Why should we accept cost-driven grooming solutions that are detrimental to our horses' microbiome diversity, when we steadfastly seek out the best dietary, therapeutic-health, farrier, performance and veterinary care – for many with a 'no expense spared' approach?

Our philosophy and values-driven brand have created sophisticated products where innovative equine skincare is combined with luxurious hair care. Our mission is to utilise advanced science, unrivalled premium-quality ingredients, and innovative bio-ferments to benefit your most prized possession. Pure Steed exists for the most discerning horse owner.

We worked with world leaders in trichology, bio-ferments, microbiome science and equine care to develop this exciting world-first ‘Microbiome-Friendly’ luxury, bio-grooming solution.   

Bacteria is NOT a dirty word!

While we think of bacteria as invisible villains, your horse's body is actually teeming with bacteria heroes.

Your horse's skin is host to trillions of various microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is believed there are close to 2000 different species of bacteria on an equine's skin with approximately one million bacteria per square centimetre of flesh.

These microbes or microorganisms are called the microbiome and they live in harmony on the skin forming a vital barrier between the outside world and your horse’s internal structure.

Why is it important?

This barrier is known as the skin-barrier and is responsible for keeping out unwanted pathogens. When your horse's skin-biome is out of balance, the barrier weakens leaving your horse more vulnerable to external threats such as infectious agents, chemicals, systemic toxicity and allergens, and is known to even contribute towards efficiency in wound healing

Internally, the skin helps to maintain homeostasis and protects from enhanced loss of water - but an imbalance to the skin-biome also means the body's hydrating mechanisms are less effective.

A diverse, balanced microbiome is key to optimise skin-barrier function, and your horses well-being. The greater the diversity, the greater your horses natural defence system performs.

We have the potential to radically improve the way we care for our horses.

Equine products, especially shampoos and conditioners often contain preservatives in concentrations that protect the stability of the product but act against the microbiome on your horses' skin.

Even preservatives regarded as ‘natural’ and ‘non-toxic’ like phenoxyethanol and phenethyl alcohol are associated with a high incidence of microbial dysbiosis.

And it's not just preservatives but other ingredients such as essential oils, fragrances, surfactants, and products with a high pH that can have an impact on your horses' delicate microbiota.

There's more 'science' to just formulating with natural ingredients.

Natural products are not meant for every environment, just because it's natural doesn't mean it's not harsh. Remember, nature can be fierce! Our understanding of the vital role of the skin-biome has contributed to a momentous shift towards 'clean ingredients' in personal care.

With our newfound understanding of the microbiome we are able to evaluate every ingredient through a new lens to determine whether it can be prescribed harmoniously and effectively.

At Pure Steed you can be assured that each of our products, whether Microbiome-Friendly or Specialty-Grooming have been formulated to achieve maximum results using the most efficacious, harmonious ingredients - and nothing less.

When only the best will do for your horse, there's Pure Steed.

We developed BiomeAID EQ® our own premium blends of bio-ferments containing metabolites and fragments of probiotic cells to support your horses' complex skin-biome ecosystem.

We know that pre-biotics help good bacteria thrive - simultaneously inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria - whilst post-biotic ingredients are the new frontier in microbiome-friendly skin and hair care.

Using post-biotics enables your horses' skin to be fed beneficial by-products that remain stable throughout the packaging, storage and life of the product.

When you use Pure Steed you can trust that we only use the most innovative and scientifically proven active ingredients, in high concentration for maximum efficiency. Our 'Microbiome-Friendly' formulas have been developed to keep your horses' very complex skin-biome ecosystem healthy, balanced and altogether happy whilst also ensuring a premium hair and skincare product.

After endless rounds of formulation, and years of researching the microbiome and sourcing the most outstanding and effective ingredients, we bring you Pure Steed, raising the bar in luxury, premium-quality formulas - that won't hamper your horses' natural defence system.

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