A new era in equine grooming.

At Pure Steed we are pioneers in the revolution of microbiome-friendly horse care. By creating a ground-breaking premium range of bio-grooming products for the most discerning horse owner.

  • Driven by Science

    Developed with world-leading experts in microbiome science, bio-ferments, trichology and equine care and meticulously formulated using the most innovative and scientifically proven active ingredients.

    After endless rounds of formulation, years of researching the microbiome we have sourced the most outstanding and effective actives to bring you a grooming solution that won't hamper your horses' natural defence system.

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  • Balance, Harmony & Diversity

    A balanced skin-microbiome is one where diverse bacterium work cohesively to strengthen the skin's surface layer (skin-barrier) and create a habitat for healthy, resilient skin and hair follicles to thrive.

    If this balance is disrupted the skin is more vulnerable to external aggressors such as allergens, inflammation, infection and pollution.

    As custodians of our horses' well-being, it is our responsibility to seek out the very best products to maintain optimum holistic health.

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  • For unashamedly skin-deep beauty

    Our trademarked SafeSuds protocol ensures our products lead with a skin-biome-first philosophy, developing formulas with intrinsic ingredients that maintain this standard.

    We developed BiomeAID EQ® our own blends of bio-ferments containing metabolites and fragments of probiotic cells to support your horses' complex skin-biome ecosystem. pH optimised, ensuring even the most sensitive-skinned horses can enjoy our products daily if needed.

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  • Clean & Sustainable Manufacturing

    Our products are ethically and sustainably manufactured right here in Australia. We never formulate with parabens, sulphates, artificial dyes or fragrances, mineral oils or palm oil. Our products are free of formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

    We employ mindful manufacturing practises by using rPET packaging, 100% pre-used, recycled material that’s also still recyclable. This includes our bottles, product packaging and postage fill and padding.

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Utilising the power of bio-ferments

Learn about the power of our very own supercharged  BiomeAid EQ® a unique premium blend of synergistic bio-ferments for softer, soothed skin your horse will love.

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