Pure Steed Restore Skin & Hair Cleanser

Biome Care.

RESTORE and REVIVE. Where skin-biome care meets premium haircare to support optimal skin function for soft, supple skin and a luxurious coat, mane and tail.

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Unrivalled specialty products to enhance your horses' natural beauty using premium-quality certified actives combined with efficacious cosmetic-grade ingredients.

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Everything you need to restore your horses skin-function for soft, supple skin and superior coat, mane and tail condition.

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What sets Pure Steed apart from other horse care and grooming products?

We are pioneering a new era of microbiome-friendly horse care by creating a ground-breaking, premium grooming range. Discover more about the power of microbiome science.

  • Premium blends of synergistic bio-ferments for softer soothed skin your horse will love.

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  • Support and replenish a healthy microbiome to support your horses' complex skin-barrier.

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  • Using efficacious actives and clean ingredients to achieve harmonious bio-grooming results.

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  • Engineering protocol respecting the skin-barrier function to restore balance to the skin environment.

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