Managing your horses post-clip routine.

Horse owners are increasingly turning to Pure Steed for their horses' post-clip routine due to several key factors, one of which is our collaboration with world leaders in trichology, bio-ferments, microbiome science, and equine care to develop innovative skincare and grooming solutions.

Revive Conditioning Treatment, a signature 'microbiome-friendly' product offers horse owners a superior option for managing post-clip care. This scientifically formulated blend provides a load of benefits superior to any other product in the equine market.

Below we share with you the most important benefits of Revive Conditioning Treatment and why you should make the switch.

Soothing Capabilities: With prebiotic Beta-Glucans derived from Oat, Revive calms irritated skin after clipping, providing relief to your horse.

Skin Rejuvenation: The rich ferment lysate rejuvenates and safeguards the skin, replenishing the skin barrier with the addition of skin-replenishing squalane to help reduce scarring.

Post-Biotic Ingredients: Essential nutrients, hydration, and anti-inflammatory effects are delivered through post-biotic ingredients, fostering the development of more resilient skin.

Luxurious Hair Care: Beyond its skincare benefits, Revive provides exceptional hair care, resulting in extreme shine and softness of your horse's coat.

Non-Clogging and Dust-Repellent: Unlike some alternatives, Pure Steed Revive Conditioning Treatment doesn't clog pores or attract dust, maintaining your horse's skin cleanliness and health post-application.

Overall, Pure Steed Revive Conditioning Treatment offers a comprehensive post-clip care regimen that not only addresses immediate skin concerns but also fosters long-term skin health and coat quality for your horse, making it a preferred choice among horse owners.

How to use Revive for the best post-clip coat and skin care

Rinse off any clipper oil and loose hair then towel dry, wiping away excess water in the direction of the hair growth. Be careful not to scrup or rub, to avoid irritating the skin further.

Apply Pure Steed Revive Conditioning Treatment directly to the coat using a flat hand in sweeping motions, always work in the direction of the hair growth.

Leave for a minimum of 8 minutes.

Rinse and scrape away any excess moisture.

Did you know unlike other products Pure Steed has been developed using SafeSuds® technology - this means any formula residue is completely harmless to your horse.


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