The microbiota and wound healing link.

Does skin microbiome play a role in wound healing?

Your horses' skin-biome is vital towards your horses' overall well-being, but particularly so when skin-tissue trauma occurs. 

The balance of the skin microbiota can be compromised as a result of tissue damage, causing a disruption in the usual harmony may mean the skin-barrier is weakened leaving your horse vulnerable to inflammation, unwanted pathogens and prolonged healing.

This makes it even more important to support your horses' microbiome by using microbiome-friendly products from the biotic family (pre, pro and post-biotics) targeting both skin microbiota and gut microbiota, particularly if antibiotics are being administered, to ensure the collective biome-ecosystem stays in balance and can improve trauma outcomes.

How bandaging can effect skin-biome.

Studies have indicated bandaging of the equines' lower limbs also impacts skin-biome. Whilst mostly unavoidable for support and protection of a trauma site or surgical procedure it does create more debate around the benefits of voluntarily bandaging during stable, travel and exercise.

The use of pads and bandages particularly of synthetic fibres has been increasingly debated amongst peers, and now the balance of the lower-limb skin biome adds another layer to this discussion.

We look forward to more data being available to further understand this issue.

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