Understanding bio-ferments.

So you've heard of Kombucha, Kefir or maybe Kimchi?

You probably even know they're good for you - but you don't know how? Yet you still occasionally grab a Kombucha lemonade with lunch and feel like you've made a good choice. 

What makes them so good?

It's the fermentation process. Where natural, active ingredients are given a significant boost over their un-fermented form, super-charging the beneficial properties.

Put simply fermentation is the process of adding microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) to natural ingredients, this changes its chemistry so that you’re left with a more potent, enriched formula.

The benefit of fermentation is not just in our diet or supplements, or even specific to gut-health which we are most familiar with in the equine industry. Skincare fermentation has seen enormous advancement in the past two decades, but none more so than in the last 5-years.

How does this benefit my horses' skin?

Through fermentation pro-biotics multiply and enhance, when topically applied, they actively support and replenish the skin-barrier so it’s better able to balance pH levels and fight against free radicals, boosting the performance of the skin.

Another benefit of fermentation (there are so many) is that it directly breaks molecules down into smaller compounds, allowing beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin-barrier and be absorbed deeper than non-fermented formulas. This particular process is called 'bio-compatible' or 'bio-available'.

Bio-ferments are a big deal, and for good reason.

Products utilising bio-fermented ingredients will suit all horses, as the pro-biotic properties harmoniously mimic the skin-function without disrupting the natural process.

We have combined powerful naturally derived premium ingredients and bio-ferments to develop a world-first 'Microbiome-Friendly' grooming solution that your horse will love.

When you use Pure Steed 'Microbiome-Friendly' products you know they have been infused with BiomeAID EQ® our super-charged premium blends of synergistic bio-ferments that benefit your horses’ complex skin-biome ecosystem.

When only the best will do for your horse, there's Pure Steed.

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