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Biome Care Duo

Biome Care Duo

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This bundle contains our signature 'Microbiome-Friendly' formulas that have revolutionised grooming and are essential to looking after your horses' complex skin-biome ecosystem. These products are as sophisticated as they are gentle - so you can use them daily if needed.

The only equine grooming products that replenish the skin-barrier whilst you wash. Infused with our own supercharged BiomeAid EQ® a unique premium blend of synergistic bio-ferments that restore the skin-biome for softer, soothed skin your horse will love.

• Restore Hair and Skin Cleanser is made from 99% naturally-derived, clean ingredients. 

• Revive Conditioning Treatment has been designed for full body application, to benefit your horses skin and hair. Made from 99% naturally-derived, clean ingredients.

The Biome Care Duo includes:-

1 x Restore Hair and Skin Cleanser 500mL

1 x Revive Conditioning Treatment 500mL

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